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The Lunatic
In Bellwood, Florida, in what was once Madison Elementary School, BenTheLooney covered DisneyTHX’s ass in olive oil and gave it a good slap. He rubbed some of it all over his right hand, which was covered in a latex glove while he rubbed and fondled DisneyTHX’s ass with his left. “Back in my day,” he said in a husky tone, “We never knew this kind of pleasure…”
DisneyTHX shuddered with a mixture of fear and anticipation. “This… This… This is…”
“This is what?”
“This is a sin!”
BenTheLooney leaned in close to his ear and chuckled. “Indeed it is,” he whispered as he licked the back of DisneyTHX’s neck. He was on the verge of tears; This was so sinful, but it felt so good. He never wanted to be anything more than a good boy, and BenTheLooney told him that this would make him a very good boy.
BenTheLooney pried DisneyTHX’s anus open, and then inserted a plastic ring to hold
:iconaids-man:AIDS-Man 2 0
Red Tide
The opening theme played:
After what he doubted he could ever be able to pull off, Robbie Rotten had managed to push up the entire wheelbarrow of nickel ore up the hill to the back of the mine, “Phew, I did it! I can’t believe me, but my first day of work has been a success!”
“You said it, Robbie,”said the happy little Moleman, “want head to the Drunken Pumpkin to celebrate? Me and my mates are there every night.”
“Ah gee thanks, Atticus,” Robbie said catching his breath. “I know I just got back but,”
“Shush, Robbie,” said Atticus, “we know you had a rough patch before but now you’re back and soon you’ll be able to push a hundred carts!”
Robbie blushed and the two met up with the other molemen and went to the Drunken Pumpkin. However, when they got there they found the bar was, “Closed?” Robbie asked with disappointment, “wh
:iconaids-man:AIDS-Man 2 0
Sableye by AIDS-Man
Mature content
Sableye :iconaids-man:AIDS-Man 0 0
Anthro Dragon by AIDS-Man
Mature content
Anthro Dragon :iconaids-man:AIDS-Man 4 2


Cock run by Sikojensika Cock run :iconsikojensika:Sikojensika 23 34 BART! gets eel'd back while Homer plays a trumpet by Sikojensika BART! gets eel'd back while Homer plays a trumpet :iconsikojensika:Sikojensika 25 47 Agni, Lord of Fire by jubjubjedi Agni, Lord of Fire :iconjubjubjedi:jubjubjedi 515 59 Postman Pat x Hank Hill by Sikojensika Postman Pat x Hank Hill :iconsikojensika:Sikojensika 41 53 Roads made out of hemp? by Sikojensika Roads made out of hemp? :iconsikojensika:Sikojensika 27 29 Villainous request meta by Sikojensika Villainous request meta :iconsikojensika:Sikojensika 48 23 Malo Version 1.0.0 by FullmetalotakuDCK Malo Version 1.0.0 :iconfullmetalotakudck:FullmetalotakuDCK 28 10 Spongebob before the custody care by Sikojensika Spongebob before the custody care :iconsikojensika:Sikojensika 59 47 BART! gets decolonized by Sikojensika BART! gets decolonized :iconsikojensika:Sikojensika 31 43 Pray For CactusPubes by Sikojensika Pray For CactusPubes :iconsikojensika:Sikojensika 35 94 Homer fertilizes Elsa and betrays Moe!!! by Sikojensika Homer fertilizes Elsa and betrays Moe!!! :iconsikojensika:Sikojensika 24 37
L.O.S.E.R.S. (League of Super Evil Reborn Stupid)
Twas a dark lit moonlit spooky kind of early morning, like, before 3 but...after 12 so, technically morning. It was a good time to air this week's episode of the fresh hit miniseries on Cartoon Network of Latin America, Villainous™. Black Hat was storming down his usual storming hallway when he noticed Markiplier bear was crying over like a dead flower or some pussy shit.
“Eugh”, he exclaimed in sheer disgust.
Tipping his famously black, black hat, black hat continued his storming to the room they'd shoot this week's episode of the fresh hit miniseries on Cartoon Network of Latin America, Villainous™.
Suddenly out of nowhere, well more like through a wall really, Midori, Aoi’s spergy green sister, broke through the wall in question.
“This is a stick up!”
Black hat noticed Midori had a black and white striped kneesock on her head from the eyes up, not able to see, see i fucking told you she's a sperg.
Black hat grimaced, but not like the McDonal
:iconaoinopaladin:AoiNoPaladin 3 0
3 Gay Assholes by Swagybread 3 Gay Assholes :iconswagybread:Swagybread 15 14
The Crystal and The Babey
Alone in the great desolate wasteland the remaining Skeksis had gathered in their Castle. Under the guidance of the new emperor SkekUng, the vulture-like lords sat at their table filled with rotten foods. They shouted over one another with how to handle the Gelfling and the prophecy of the Dark Crystal.
“The gelfling,” skekEkt hissed, “how do we stop him!? He is coming. He is coming for us!”
“Cursed gelfling! The prophecy must not come to fruition!.” The Slave Master Skeksis, skekNa pounded the table, smacking a zombified podling to the ground.
“Blaugh, send out more of the Garthim,” skekZok said, cracking open a bone to pick his sharp teeth with, “they shall prevent the prophecy!”
“They failed us once already, fool!” skekShod exclaimed, “if we waste any more time the gelfling will come and slaughter us all!” he continued, waving his claw, sending scraps of waste flying into the distance.
:iconshakrekanf:ShakreKanf 1 0
Shakre N' Skarpne by animefan940 Shakre N' Skarpne :iconanimefan940:animefan940 3 1 [REQUEST] Journal Part Two by AngelDracon [REQUEST] Journal Part Two :iconangeldracon:AngelDracon 17 14


Well, it actually happened. He's gone. :icontommydickles: is dead. It may be easy to read, but it took a lot of will for me to type that sentence. It's not any easier than trying to say it out loud. It's difficult to so much as think that someone you've known and loved is no longer among the living. I had taken him for granted for so long. I've mocked him. Belittled him. Now no one can mock him anymore. It's no use wishing I didn't. There was plenty about him that was worthy of praise. I'll choose to talk more about that instead from now on.


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Alberto Barbosa
I do my part for social justice.


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